Beware of deceptive supplement company marketing


My fellow gym rats, aspiring gym rats, I just want to take some time to address deceptive marketing by supplement companies that I’ve seen and experienced over the years. One of the most annoying things is trying to improve one’s health and physique only to be deceived by shady marketing tactics from supplement companies. I recall when I first started training in 1997 I religiously bought the muscle/fitness magazines. Many of the bodybuilders/fitness models always posed next to a supplement, whether it was a protein powder, thermogenics, or some other product. Naturally I, like countless others, thought that by purchasing the advertised product(s) I would eventually get the six pack abs, extreme definition, vascularity, and ‘bodybuilder magazine quality’ physique. That obviously couldn’t have been further from the truth. ┬áThe physique athletes and bodybuilders who are posing use anabolic steroids and very often resort to strict dieting. For the average person that lifestyle is not only expensive, but highly impractical to follow. Focusing on one’s health through weight training and proper dietary supplementation will yield satisfactory and realistic results. Don’t expect to look like the professionals without using drugs and incorporating a drastic diet.


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