Slow down aging with strength training


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What’s the deal with so many companies advertising products that are ‘anti aging’?!? We hear and see a lot of advertising for anti aging creams, pills, and many other products. The fact is that there is no such thing as ‘anti aging’. It’s all a fallacy. The aging process is a part of life and happens to everyone. We can, however, slow it down. Continue reading Slow down aging with strength training

Staying Injury Free


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No injuries to report in my 20 years of weight training. I credit being injury free to always emphasizing safety in my workouts. Ego lifting, a type of lifting we see on a constant basis in gyms worldwide, will eventually lead to injury. Although it’s done mostly by men, there are many women who try to impress with the extra poundage as well. As I stressed in one of my previous posts, focus on health. Unless one is powerlifting, or olympic weightlifting, it makes no sense trying to determine what one’s one rep max is or trying to imitate the many reckless ‘Youtube stars’ who use terrible form when demonstrating lifts. Continue reading Staying Injury Free

What exercises should I do when I join a gym?

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It happens every day: people join a gym and have no idea what exercises to start doing. Many start reading fitness magazines and/or watch competitive physique athletes/bodybuilders and try to mimic their routines and lifestyles. Many follow the routines other gym members are doing not knowing if the exercises they’re doing is beneficial or a waste of time. Continue reading What exercises should I do when I join a gym?

Why Weight Training and NOT Cardio?

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If you’re a serious person who wants to build their body, cardio is a waste of time. Wise words spoken by the late Leroy Colbert. Many people often focus on cardio, short for cardiovascular, thinking that it’s the most efficient way to lose excess weight, become toned, and/or become healthier. The fact is that weight training is a far more efficient way to tone, strengthen, and maintain a long term, positive body composition. Continue reading Why Weight Training and NOT Cardio?

Commencing My Weight Training Odyssey

I began my weight training odyssey two decades ago. I state ‘odyssey’ because it’s truly an adventure in its own right. A lifestyle that consists of weight training and supplementation(maximizing nutrition) is very rewarding. Along this journey, which I’m still on, there have been many valuable lessons learned. Apart from training injury-free since 1997 I’ve also become more ‘in tune’ with my body, what it responds to, and learned the importance of supplementation. Continue reading Commencing My Weight Training Odyssey