Commencing My Weight Training Odyssey

I began my weight training odyssey two decades ago. I state ‘odyssey’ because it’s truly an adventure in its own right. A lifestyle that consists of weight training and supplementation(maximizing nutrition) is very rewarding. Along this journey, which I’m still on, there have been many valuable lessons learned. Apart from training injury-free since 1997 I’ve also become more ‘in tune’ with my body, what it responds to, and learned the importance of supplementation.Supplementation with vitamins, minerals, omega 3’s, and amino acids are very important additions to be used in conjunction with weight training. I often mention that the main reason I started weight training was because I wanted to continue to be in good health and in good physical shape. I ran cross country and track therefore once completing high school, being in an athletic frame of mind, I wanted to continue being active. Not sad to state but my passion for running is mostly gone and my passion for weight training continues to grow by the day. That passion grows because of the wonderful benefits weight training, with supplementation, does for the body: improved circulation, a toned body, a strong heart, emotional stability, the list goes on… Along this journey I’ve trained and mentored others and will continue to do so, whether online or in person. Naturally I have no regrets having started this wonderful lifestyle and I’m always eager to impart my knowledge, encouraging those who I interact with to commence as well. ┬áMy hope is that with my frequent posts and practical advice, many of you begin this lifestyle that enhances one’s quality of life. May it become your passion as it has mine. As always, advice is always based on sound science and experience.




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  1. Great information.Continue with your passion re Weight Training and Health and Fitness..Perhaps you can blog re “Women and cellulite issues,and best weight training exercises recommended with proper dietary lifestyle changes to eradicate or greatly improve this condition.

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