Focus on Health, not the Scale!

I often see many people join a gym and one of the first things they do is weigh themselves. About two or three weeks later there are sighs of disappointment as more pounds have been gained instead of lost. The main reason is that muscle is denser than fat therefore a little weight gain is to be expected. When one embarks on an exercise regimen that involves weight training there will be muscular hypertrophy.

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Unless one is obese DO NOT let weight be the focus, but one’s health. The scale is not an indicator of good health. When one weight trains the body gets stronger, toned, the heart becomes stronger, one’s circulation improves, the benefits are almost endless. A BMI Calculator or  BMI charts, in my opinion, do us injustice because apart from the standard three main body types(ectomorphs, endomorphs, mesomorphs) there are countless people with a combination of those body types with many varying genetical differences as well. Stating that because someone is a certain height they should weigh a certain amount is rather silly and a lofty expectation. If being slender is a sign of good health, why are there many slender people with lifestyle diseases such as Type II diabetes, hypertension, etc.? The point I’m making is that, again, the scale is NOT an indicator of good health. One’s focus should be getting healthy by incorporating a weight training regimen, done weekly, along with proper supplementation. Don’t worry, or focus, on losing weight. The toning/body compositioning, weight management, strengthening, improved circulation, a stronger heart, and many other benefits will develop over a period of time.

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