Slow down aging with strength training


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What’s the deal with so many companies advertising products that are ‘anti aging’?!? We hear and see a lot of advertising for anti aging creams, pills, and many other products. The fact is that there is no such thing as ‘anti aging’. It’s all a fallacy. The aging process is a part of life and happens to everyone. We can, however, slow it down.  A lifestyle that consists of strength training, or weight training, will improve one’s immune system, slow down the aging process, increase one’s bone density, tone and firm the skin, and elicit many other benefits that contribute to a better quality of life. With strength training and proper dietary supplementation one may slow down the aging process, but not stop it.  A few supplements that help to strengthen the immune system and help to slow down aging are DHEA, Vitamin C, fish oils, B complex, and minerals.

I often mention, although weight training and dietary supplementation doesn’t make one live forever, one’s quality of life will be vastly improved. Taking supplements alone is half the equation, a lifestyle that consists of weight training is a must in conjunction with proper dietary supplementation. In my post, ‘What exercises should I do when I join a gym?‘, I list specific compound exercises that may be done over a period of one’s lifetime. They’re many fads that come along but what has stood, and will stand, the test of time is steady weight/strength training. It promotes longevity and better quality of life. Leroy Colbert once stated: “As I said before, when it comes to basic lifting and weights and training, noboby can tell me anything. Now you’ve got all kinds of different exercises, the jumps and the whips and all that kind of stuff. I’m not into that! I’m into steady barbell training….all this other stuff is short term, jumping in the air, flipping and flying,…there’s no longevity in it.

If a better quality of life and a slowing down of the aging process is your objective, commence weight training, with proper dietary supplementation, today!




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