Weight Training Exercises Demonstrated

In the video below, I’m partially deadlifting 295lbs. Notice they’re no jerky movements, but controlled movement. ¬†Although I highly recommend the hexagonal bar, or trap bar, for deadlifts, partial deadlifts off of a rack are benefical as well.

In the video below, lateral raises, a shoulder exercise, are demonstrated.

When your favorite machines aren’t available, improvise. In the video below I’m exercising the trapezius(traps) muscles on a Smith machine. Although a hexagonal bar(trap bar) is ideal, one may use dumbells or a Smith machine to do this exercise. No need to use large gloves…lol…I prefer to use heavy duty gloves when training, just my personal preference.

* More videos to be added ¬†shortly. I’ll be demonstrating more weight training exercises that I recommend in one of my previous blogs.