Staying Injury Free


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No injuries to report in my 20 years of weight training. I credit being injury free to always emphasizing safety in my workouts. Ego lifting, a type of lifting we see on a constant basis in gyms worldwide, will eventually lead to injury. Although it’s done mostly by men, there are many women who try to impress with the extra poundage as well. As I stressed in one of my previous posts, focus on health. Unless one is powerlifting, or olympic weightlifting, it makes no sense trying to determine what one’s one rep max is or trying to imitate the many reckless ‘Youtube stars’ who use terrible form when demonstrating lifts. Continue reading Staying Injury Free

What exercises should I do when I join a gym?

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It happens every day: people join a gym and have no idea what exercises to start doing. Many start reading fitness magazines and/or watch competitive physique athletes/bodybuilders and try to mimic their routines and lifestyles. Many follow the routines other gym members are doing not knowing if the exercises they’re doing is beneficial or a waste of time. Continue reading What exercises should I do when I join a gym?

Eating, Supplementing, & Training on a Tight Budget

It happens to many of us: we’re trying our best to live a healthy lifestyle but our budgets barely allow for it. After all, it’s very easy, and inexpensive, to eat and live unhealthily.

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Whether it’s purchasing healthier alternatives for our diets, obtaining necessary supplements, or paying the gym fees they’re times when we have to carefully juggle our funds. Sometimes knowledge comes by way of experiences. Hopefully my suggestions, based on my experiences, can help many of you who can relate or who are thinking about commencing a healthy, weight training lifestyle on a tight budget. Here are some pointers to help one get through a little tough financial times while simultaneously trying to live a healthy lifestyle: Continue reading Eating, Supplementing, & Training on a Tight Budget

Focus on Health, not the Scale!

I often see many people join a gym and one of the first things they do is weigh themselves. About two or three weeks later there are sighs of disappointment as more pounds have been gained instead of lost. The main reason is that muscle is denser than fat therefore a little weight gain is to be expected. When one embarks on an exercise regimen that involves weight training there will be muscular hypertrophy.

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Unless one is obese DO NOT let weight be the focus, but one’s health. The scale is not an indicator of good health. Continue reading Focus on Health, not the Scale!