Focus on Health, not the Scale!

I often see many people join a gym and one of the first things they do is weigh themselves. About two or three weeks later there are sighs of disappointment as more pounds have been gained instead of lost. The main reason is that muscle is denser than fat therefore a little weight gain is to be expected. When one embarks on an exercise regimen that involves weight training there will be muscular hypertrophy.

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Unless one is obese DO NOT let weight be the focus, but one’s health. The scale is not an indicator of good health. Continue reading Focus on Health, not the Scale!

Why Weight Training and NOT Cardio?

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If you’re a serious person who wants to build their body, cardio is a waste of time. Wise words spoken by the late Leroy Colbert. Many people often focus on cardio, short for cardiovascular, thinking that it’s the most efficient way to lose excess weight, become toned, and/or become healthier. The fact is that weight training is a far more efficient way to tone, strengthen, and maintain a long term, positive body composition. Continue reading Why Weight Training and NOT Cardio?

Weight Training Supplements to help Maximize Nutrition and Recovery

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With the advancement of technology in nutrition and knowing better how the body works it is imperative that maximizing nutrition, with weight training supplements, is done in conjunction with a productive weight training program. I often ask fellow gym rats, ‘what supplements do you use’? I would often hear, ‘oh I only eat food’ or ‘I don’t need to take anything’. Those statements couldn’t be any further from the truth. Continue reading Weight Training Supplements to help Maximize Nutrition and Recovery

Commencing My Weight Training Odyssey

I began my weight training odyssey two decades ago. I state ‘odyssey’ because it’s truly an adventure in its own right. A lifestyle that consists of weight training and supplementation(maximizing nutrition) is very rewarding. Along this journey, which I’m still on, there have been many valuable lessons learned. Apart from training injury-free since 1997 I’ve also become more ‘in tune’ with my body, what it responds to, and learned the importance of supplementation. Continue reading Commencing My Weight Training Odyssey